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Sansera adopts systematic approach to train and educate its employees. Apart from traditional Induction & On the job training, Sansera has implemented various new methodologies to enrich the knowledge and skill level of employees

We believe in identifying true potential of our employees, enabling them to achieve it by capitalizing on their strengths. Employees are trained on Technical, Human & Conceptual skills and many more training schemes.

Such schemes include:

  • DOJO Training
  • ASDC Training
  • Graduate Engineering Training
  • Process Engineering Training
  • Supervisory Development Program
  • Mentorship Program
Sansera Training

Sansera is the First Manufacturing Industry in Bangalore to get its Training centre approved by KSDC for CNC operators and Quality inspectors under CMKKY scheme as a part of SKILL INDIA drive.

Employees Awards and Recognitions

We recognize our employees for their exceptional contribution to the organization for building and sustaining a safety culture, process improvements, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

To enhance the participation of employees as a part of TEI (Total Employee Involvement), Sansera has designed various competitive environment through

  • Intra Plant, Inter Plant Skill Olympics for Production, Quality and Maintenance operators
  • Participation in World skill Olympics
  • Intra Plant & Inter Plant QC & Kaizen competitions
  • Participation in external competitions organised by ACMA, QCFI, CII and the Customers

QCFI Competition

QCC Competition – ACMA

QCC Competition – ACMA

Golden Peacock Award 2023 for Training

The above competitions have given better results in terms of identifying the best talents and nurturing them to levels like Heads of Plant and Corporate function heads, improved Production and Quality performance, reduced absenteeism and attrition and enhanced employee satisfaction levels.