We at Sansera consider Fixture Design as one of our most crucial competencies as it plays a significant role in improving productivity and keeping the quality high. Our highly qualified, experienced team of designers carry great dexterity in CAD design applications to manufacture and assemble a range of customized fixtures that deliver the desired efficiency.

Our capabilities and expertise in this arena enable us to handle complex designs and new product development cycles with top-notch efficacy.

  • Designing of prototype and series fixtures for: Production, Assembly, Inspection & Testing
  • 3D Concept designing and fixture manufacturing drawings
  • Continuous improvements by staying up to date with and integrating the latest technologies
  • Automated design through i-Logic

Automated Design Through i-Logic

We have automated the fixture design process for legacy parts. This has led to the following accomplishments:

This will enable us to accomplish

  • Error-free designs
  • Faster completion of legacy fixtures
  • Reduced development lead-time
  • Reduced manpower
  • Adaptability to quick change