Sansera’s possess integrated machine-building capabilities with special purpose machines being manufactured in-house and driven by highly passionate and experienced team committed to deliver advanced CNC SPMs. We understand the need to build extremely reliable, resilient, and efficient machines to counter the shorter product lifecycles, escalating costs, and ever-growing stiff competition.
Over the last few years, we have also deployed many of our own special purpose machines at our Swedish manufacturing plant that conform with the CE (Conformitè Europëenne) Mark.

Our in-house facility is designed to build indigenous CNC-SPMs, allowing our customers to benefit from a dual advantage of cost-effectiveness and enhanced machining capabilities. This pioneering technology helps improve product quality, reduce rejections & complexity, and increase productivity while helping customers significantly cut costs and accelerate machine design

Our Machine Building Capabilities At A Glance

  • Over 900 + functioning CNC-SPMs across our manufacturing facilities
  • Capacity to produce about 100 SPMs per year
  • Fully automated and high-capacity production lines 
  • Usage of Digital Servo technologies
  • Control Systems from FANUC/SIEMENS
  • In-house software
  • Small foot-print and low power consumption
  • Real-time production monitoring

Machines needed to manufacture several of the precision components in our product categories are expensive and generally imported in India. Hence, we are able to build these machines in-house which derive competitive benefits from such integrated machine building capabilities. SPMs are customised machines deployed to automate industrial processes to ensure high productivity, consistent quality and interchangeability of parts by repeatedly carrying out the designed process. 

Type of machines we build to name a few
Automated Gantry Cells Internal Grinding Machines
Four Station SPMs Laser Cracking Machines
Vertical Honing Machines Trumpet-form hole machines
Double Disc Grinding Machines Balancing Machines
8-Station Machine Laser Structuring Machines