1. Intimation about investors meet in Singapore on 3rd and 4th June 2024
    2. Earnings Call Transcript Q4&FY24
    3. Intimation about acquisition of Link Group
    4. Newspaper Publication Results Q4 FY24
    5. Sansera Earnings Call Audio Recording Q4 FY24
    6. Investors Presentation Q4 FY24
    7. Earning release Q4 FY24
    8. Outcome of NRC for grant of stock option ESOP 2018
    9. Earning Call Invite on 17th May 2024
    10. Intimation of Plant visit on 25th April 2024
    11. Intimation about appointment of CHRO
    12. Credit Rating from Indian Rating
    13. Regulation 30 Amendment to MoA
    14. Intimation about Rescheduling of Analysts meet
    15. Intimation about allotment of equity shares on exercise of options on 28th March 2024
    16. Intimation of Virtual meeting on 28th March 2024
    17. Intimation about Plant Visit on 13th March 2024
    18. Credit Rating issued by ICRA Ltd on 28-02-2024
    19. Newspaper Advertisement on PostalBallot
    20. Intimation about alteration in MoA
    21. Transcript of Earnings Call Q3FY24
    22. Intimation about investors meet at Mumbai and Singapore
    23. Newspaper publication Q3 FY24 Results
    24. Sansera Earnings Call Audio Recording Q3 FY24
    25. Investors presentation Q3 FY24
    26. Earning release on Q3 FY24 Results
    27. Intimation about Grant of Options ESOP 2018
    28. Earnings call Invitation for Q3 FY24
    29. Updates on MMRFIC investment 11-01-2024
    30. Updates on announcement made on 5th January 2024
    31. Intimation on investment in renewable energy
    32. Allotment of shares under ESOP 2015
    33. Intimation of plant visit by Analyst
    34. Intimation about Analysts meet in Mumbai
    35. Press Release on ESG
    36. Earnings Call Transcript Q2FY24
    37. Sansera Earnings Call Audio Recording Q2 FY24
    38. Investor presentation Q2FY24
    39. Earnings Release on Q2FY24 consolidated results
    40. Disclosure UR. 30 FOR APPOINTMENT OF SMP
    41. Disclosure Regulation 30 on AoA
    42. Intimation of Analysts visit on 11th and 12th Sep 2023
    43. Intimation_Allotment of shares under ESOP 2015
    44. Intimation about Analaysts meet in Bengaluru on 9th June 2023
    45. Investors meet in Singapore
    46. Transcript of Earnings Call Q4FY23
    47. Investors meet in Mumbai
    48. Sansera Earnings Call Audio Recording Q4 FY23
    49. Investor Presentation on FY23
    50. Earnings Release on Audited Results FY23
    51. Earnings Call Invite Q4 FY23
    52. Intimation about Investors meet in Mumbai
    53. Investor presentation on strategic investment
    54. Investor Release on strategic investment
    55. Outcome of Board meeting on approval of strategic investment
    56. Intimation about investors meet
    57. Rating Letter Dated 6 March 2023
    58. Allotment of shares under ESOP 2015
    59. ICRA Rating dated 23-02-2023
    60. Earning Call Transcript Q3 FY23
    61. India Credit Rating dated 09-02-2023
    62. Sansera Earnings Call Audio Recording Q3 FY23
    63. Investors presentation Q3 FY23
    64. Earning release Q3 FY23
    65. Intimation for Earning call Q3FY23
    66. Intimation about Investors meet on 16th Jan 2023
    67. Intimation for Annual Maintenance Shutdown
    68. Intimation regarding Investors meet on Dec 13, 2022
    69. Transcript of Analyst earning call
    70. Sansera Earnings Call Audio Recording Q2 FY23
    71. Newspaper Publication of Results
    72. Investors Presentation on Q2 FY23
    73. Earnings Release on Q2 FY23
    74. Earning calls intimation
    75. Allotment of shares under ESOP 2015 scheme
    76. Intimation about Investors meet on 19th September 2022
    77. Intimation about Investors meet
    78. Intimation About Receipt of Order
    79. Proceedings of 40th AGM
    80. Intimation about analysts meet
    81. Newspaper Publication
    82. Schedule of Earnings Call Q1 FY23
    83. Newspaper Advertisement regarding dispatch of Annual Report 2021-22
    84. Intimation regarding retirement of Mr. Sylvain
    85. Withdrawn of customer contract
    86. Schedule of Earnings Call Q1FY24
    87. Earnings release Q1FY24
    88. Investors presentation on Q1FY24
    89. Sansera Earnings Call Audio Recording Q1 FY24
    90. Transcript of earnings call Q1FY24
    91. Intimation about investors conference in Mumbai on 16th Aug 2023