Driven by innovating manufacturing, we at Sansera take responsibility to produce quality products that are high value-added and developed using advanced technology. We continually strive towards better business practices with good governance while fulfilling our social commitments for the welfare and betterment of society at large.

Well-diversified business model, engineering & leadership capabilities, longstanding relationship with well-known OEM customers, and enhancing customer confidence to achieve greater entrepreneurial heights have remained our core values.

With a track record of developing complex and critical precision engineered components for the automotive sector over multiple decades, our capabilities extended to manufacture precision components for several non-automotive sectors.

We have grown our precision components manufacturing business organically in India by commencing supplies to the two-wheeler and four-wheeler verticals and further diversified the business, focusing on precision manufacturing for demanding markets in the heavy-duty commercial vehicles and in non-automotive sectors such as off road vehicles, agriculture, industrial and medical.

Vision mission & values

Our Vision

” World Class Engineering Corporation that maximizes stake holders’ value”

Our Mission

“ Building an employee driven and socially responsible global engineering corporation using innovative methods and efficient management for lasting customer loyalty “

Our Values

  • Customer Centric
  • Respect for individuals & Trust in Relationship
  • Accountability to Stakeholders
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Excellence & Innovation
  • Environment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Value for Time

History and heritage

Sansera was incorporated in 1981 in Bengaluru and commenced commercial production of passenger vehicle components in 1986. We grew our precision components manufacturing business organically in India by commencing supplies to the two-wheeler vertical in 1996, for off road vehicles in 2009, and to the light commercial vehicle vertical in 2011. We set up a manufacturing facility dedicated to high precision aluminium and titanium machined aerospace components in 2013. In April 2017, we acquired a 100% stake in Sansera Sweden, which has facilitated our entry into the heavy commercial vehicle vertical in the automotive sector, expanded our customer base and improved geographical access to OEMs outside India.

  1. First PO receipt

  2. Commenced operations at Plant 2 situated in Bengaluru which also functions as our Company’s headquarters

  3. Commenced first captive forging facility of Sansera Group (formely, Gearock Forge - a 100% subsidiary of our Company)

  4. Commenced operations at Plant 3 situated in Bengaluru

  5. Commenced operations at Plant 4 situated in Manesar, Haryana

    Commenced operations at Plant 5 situated in Pune

  6. Commenced operations at Plant 6 situated in Pantnagar– One of the largest Plant where all major components of 2 wheelers started under one roof.

  7. Installed forging and heat treatment facilities in Plant 5 and Plant 6

    Commenced operations at Plant 7 situated in Bengaluru

  8. Commenced production of connecting rods

  9. Commenced production of aerospace components

  10. Started production of Fractured and Split type connecting rods

  11. Commenced operations at Plant 8 situated in Bengaluru

  12. Investment by Client Ebene Limited (formerly called CVCIGP II Client Ebene Limited) and CVCIGP II Employee Ebene Limited in our Company

  13. Commenced supply of machined connecting rods

  14. Commenced operations at Plant 9 situated in Bengaluru as an aerospace division of our Company

  15. Acquired Mape Sweden AB (Trolhattan Sweden), a European manufacturer of machined connecting rods for Heavy commercial vehicles. Mape Sweden AB was subsequently renamed to Sansera Sweden AB

    Expanded forging operations at Plant 14, Bangalore

  16. Designated Plant 10 in Bangalore as independent premises for machine building operations

    Commenced mass production of Integral Crankshafts

  17. Commenced operations at Sansera’s largest plant, Plant 11 situated at Bidadi, Bangalore

    Commissioned manufacturing line for suspension products - stem comp and started supplies

    Commissioned manufacturing line for aluminium forged products and started mass production

    Commenced operations at Plant 15 situated at Gujarat

  18. Commenced development of multiple drive train components for hybrid vehicles for a global PV OEM

    Commenced development of suspension and drive train components for a domestic electric 2W OEM

    Started supplies of braking assembly components and Fitwel started supplies of chassis (cabin tilt system) components for HCVs

    Fitwel commenced development of steering components for a Tier 1 supplier to PV OEMs

  19. Signed a lease for moving current aerospace facility (Plant 9 with built up area of 4,000 sq. m) to a new facility dedicated to aerospace (with a built up area of 13,020 sq. m)

    Commenced development of braking assembly components for a PV OEM

    Secured orders and commenced development of machined engine casings in aerospace business

    Commenced development of BEV drivetrain components for a global electric PV OEM

Since the inception, the leaps and bounds growth of our organization has consistently been characterized by our long-standing relationship with globally renowned OEMs, which we take immense pride in.

Global presence


We have a professional and experienced management team who have immaculately led the expansion of our business and customer base that has in-turn resulted in an exponential growth and diversification with stable financials.


Sansera is committed and resolute in ensuring sustainable business activities and we assume complete responsibility for our employees, the organization as a whole, and the environment with equal priority. We take great care in ensuring that we are up to date with the latest trends in technology while complying with all the essential regulations.

Here are Sansera’s Certifications at a glance


Throughout our journey as an organization, we have garnered multitude of awards, accolades, and appreciation, nationally and internationally. We proudly consider these honours to be the testaments to our unwavering determination to deliver only the best to our clients, which has been driven by the versatile, experienced, and wholly dedicated personnel at Sansera.

Here are our diverse recognitions at a glance.