Tractors and Gensets


Camshafts, also known shortly as cams, play an integral role in the basic functioning of an engine. It is crucial in the operation of inlet and exhaust valves by controlling their opening and closing stroke rates to be in sync with the crankshaft gear and motion of the piston. We specialize in the manufacture of customized camshafts for a wide range of non-automotive machines and applications. Meeting the requirements and design specifications precisely, the camshafts we manufacture are highly reliable and offer excellent service life.


Enhance the reliability, performance, and uptime of your non-automotive machines and systems by choosing the sturdy and high-quality pump housing components manufactured at Sansera. We make use of top-grade material in the production of these components to make them highly corrosion resistant and withstand extreme amounts of pressure. Depending on the size of the pump, we offer customized pump housing components that facilitate its efficient operation, which is boosting the pressure of the fluid through the outlet.


The common rails made by Sansera can be customized and adapted to your non-automotive application needs or adjusted to the exact specifications. We specialize in manufacturing tailor-made common rail variants carrying long-life and resilience and are customized to the requirements would include the assembled components, length of the rail, number of connections, and the application. The common rails are considered a critical hydraulic component as it increases the accuracy of the injection quantity while reducing emissions and consumption.


We specialize in the manufacture of customized and durable Body Flange components which are high-quality steel forged. These are some of the common requirements in many industrial & non-automotive applications and we deliver the required parts to your exact specifications. Body flanges are crucial in connecting diverse equipment including pipes, valves, and pumps in your machine. Hence, it is quite important to choose the parts made with sturdy material and ensure the seamless functioning of the machine.

Stationary Engines


Improve the performance and durability of your stationary engines by choosing Sansera’s customized valve bridge for your precise requirement. Along with the solid design and optimum functionality features, we also ensure that this critical element has great wear resistance and excellent fatigue strength to maximize engine life and fuel savings.


Integral crank is one of the vital elements of a stationary engine that enable smooth transmission of power used across a variety of applications. Sansera’s integral crank customized to your engine requirements is dynamically and statically balanced. We make use of high-quality, robust material during the manufacturing process to ensure desired performance and longevity of the system. We design and supply integral cranks for a wide range of applications including pumping, mills, winding, and refrigeration among others.


Boost the seamless performance of your stationary engines with the customized hubs manufactured and supplied by Sansera. Used in a variety of immobile or stationary equipment such as pumps, mills, generators, factory machinery, etc., hubs are integral to the proper and hurdle-free functioning of the entire system. Featuring fast and efficient lever handles that offer desired torque to ensure ideal performance, our hubs are the perfect choice for your requirement.

Other Non-Auto


Sansera is involved in the production of connecting rods that are used in numerous modern engines for agricultural and other non-automotive industrial applications. We design the connecting rods as per the specifications of the clients and make use of highly reliable, superior raw material to fabricate durable and sturdy connecting rods. These play a critical role in enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of the engines.


We manufacture and supply a wide range of strong and durable hand tools for a variety of industrial applications and projects. They include screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, pliers, spanners, measuring tools, hand drills, and nut sets, etc. We customize the sizes and designs of these tools as per the requirements of the client but we ensure that the consistency in the desired level of strength and quality is maintained across all the products we deliver.